Take part in sea rafting in the Trollfjord, fish a true lofot cod, experience eagle safaris at the sea and visit the Lofotr Viking Museum. In Lofoten you will find a lot of activities you can attend.

Experience the northern lights

Lofoten is one of the best places in the world to experience the Northern Lights. If you want more in-depth knowledge of this natural phenomenon, visit the Polarlight Center in Laukvik. If you want to be sure to see the northern lights, there is an SMS service that tells when it will appear.

Travel back in time at Lofotr Viking Museum

Experience the Viking Age the way it really was. At the Lofotr Viking Museum at Borg, archaeologists have dug out remains of the largest house ever found in the Viking era. The house has been the seat of one of the most powerful chieftains in northern Norway. The building is 83 meters long and has been reconstructed as a living museum, with archaeological finds, crafts, exhibitions and domestic animals.

Go fishing

Try the luck at sea! Experience the excitement and atmosphere aboard the fishing boat, and let yourself be rocked by the unique, Lofoten landscape. Every winter, hundreds of fishing enthusiasts travel to Lofoten to participate in the World Championships in cod fishing.

Tasty stockfish

There is one thing you have to taste while in Lofoten, stockfish. Stockfish (dried cod) is the main ingredient in several tasty dishes served at the Lofoten restaurants.

Play golf day and night

The proximity to the sea, the rugged Lofoten mountains and the ever-changing Arctic light make Lofoten Golf Links on Hov to anything more than just a golf course. Here you can play golf in midnight sun. From mid May to early August you can play golf day and night - yes, for 24 hours if you want to.

Hiking and cykling

A cycling trip in Lofoten offers unique nature experiences. With the right clothing and equipment you can ride Lofoten around even outside the busy summer season. Lofoten has a relatively easy cycle terrain, but keep in mind that the roads can be heavily trafficked in the summer.

Hiking routes and hikes in Lofoten range from simple to challenging, each guaranteed to give you nature experiences that take your breath away.

Sea safari

Open sea, steep mountains, narrow seas and small islets. Changing light and crystal clear water. The rubber boats used are robust and the drivers are experienced sailors who can tell anecdotes and show hidden gems along the way.


The British newspaper The Guardian has named Lofoten to be among the top ten places to paddle sea kayaks in the world. In the kayak you get close to nature.


We had such a great time staying at Ronny's guest house. Would definitely recommend for others to come here! We took the boat out and had the time of our life fishing in the fjords...